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An Institute in London to Teach Islamic Pattern Art

Art is something that embodies the essence of the artist. The artist him/herself can use their artwork to preserve their own cultural identity, or even the identity of a different culture. In the Islamic world, Arabesque is the essence of Islamic art. Distinctive for its aesthetically pleasing geometric patterns, Arabesque Islamic art has been adopted by many artists of various cultures around the world since the 9th century. Acknowledging the uniqueness of this decorative art, Adam Williamson and Richard Henry  decided in 2008 to establish in the UK the “Art of Islamic Pattern”, an institute that teaches the beautiful Islamic pattern art.  This institute has been turning heads with the art and creativity bursting forth from its students ever since!

Art of Islamic Pattern give courses inside the UK as well as internationally.

Islamic Art developed from simple star patterns dating back to as early as the 9th century. The most prominent feature of this type of art is the 8 pointed star.


This is the 8 fold stucco carving in the #courtoflions we drew during last weeks Granada study trip

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The artwork created through these courses at the Institute is truly intricate and beautiful. The institute takes their students on several trips throughout the Arab world to study the patterns of architecture so they can incorporate them into their own workshops.

Spreading Islamic pattern art means spreading the culture it carries, for a more tolerant world!

You can sign up for these study trips/courses here. And view many more images of Art of Islamic Pattern work from their Instagram page and website gallery.

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