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‘I Wear Design’: Turning Scribbles into Jewelry

Have you turned your refrigerator door into an art gallery cluttered with your child’s scribbles, drawings, and family portraits that you hold close to heart? Many families love to cherish their children’s moments of artistic inspiration. And some parents find unique ways to do so, including the parents of  Serin and Kerem. These two mothers from Turkey, Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu and Ozgur Karavit, have each turned their children’s portraits into unique pieces of silver and gold jewelry! But they didn’t stop there, they even opened up an online shop Tasarim Takarim (I Wear Design) so other parents can uniquely preserve their children’s artwork too!

Photos from their Instagram page display how other parents have turned their children’s scribbles into masterpieces. Both women believe in the importance of encouraging kids to draw and express themselves through art.

Who knew children can be a jewelry designers. Thanks to Tasarim Takarim , any child can now create jewelry designs for themselves or for their parents!

The project started two years ago, and it has since expanded into an Etsy shop where you can order your very own unique piece of jewelry designed by those who mean the most to you.

Pieces are usually hand cut from silver or gold-plated silver. Occasionally the women add laser engraving when there’s more details involved. The process usually takes about a week and prices range from $125 to $195.

“It’s like a single moment of someone’s childhood becomes timeless,” Yasemin, told The Huffington Post.

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