Bosla: Compass to New Music in MENA

Many Arabs enjoy English music but they cannot follow up or fully understand the meaning of the lyrics because of the language barrier. This is why Omar Nasser, an Egyptian musician and producer, might be of help. Omar, well-known as Bosla, takes on a creative spin by not only translating popular English songs into Arabic, but by singing them as well.

Barakabits conducted an interview with Omar and these were some of his responses:

1.What is the meaning behind the word Bosla?

“Bosla, which translates to compass in English, reflects my vision and purpose to lead and create a new direction for better art and multimedia as a whole”.

2.What was your first cover and your latest cover, and how were you motivated to continue?

“My first cover was Maps by Maroon 5. This cover attracted thousands of viewers and gave me the motivation and spark to continue my dream. My last cover so far is Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding.”

Some of his other amazing covers are: All of Me by John Legend, Somebody That I Used to Know by GotyeSee You Again by Wiz Khalifa . Personally, the last one is my favorite!

Bosla has a YouTube channel with 13 covers so far and 6,585 subscribers that are ever-rising! He does not fail at impressing his audience, improving his vocals and staying passionate. The listeners of his music can feel the lyrical passion in his songs. Bosla proves that just with a little help and twist in the language, everyone can enjoy music and most importantly understand the lyrics and  feel the emotions within the song.

So if you are interested in his talent, all you have to do is subscribe to his channel and accompany him on his musical journey! 

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