3 Best Websites for Getting Writing Help Online

Students everywhere have difficulty with their writing. It’s a fact of life no matter what academic level you’ve achieved or where you’re going to school. In the Middle East, most major universities teach in English, and since most students have English as their second or even third language, there’s a need for writing help. Even the best writers have room for improvement, and if you are struggling to make your writing better, you’ve probably tried looking for potential writing solutions online. With so many options to choose from, how can you find the website that’s right for you? To help you discover which type of writing help might best help you meet your goals, check out our guide to the three best websites for getting writing help online.

#1. Purdue OWL (

The Online Writing Lab from Purdue University is one of the premiere web resources for writing assistance. As the OWL’s website states, “Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects.”

The OWL offers extensive guides to help students through every part of the writing process, from topic selection and thesis development to outlining and formatting. The largest and most extensive sections of the OWL are devoted to questions about how to format citations in common referencing systems such as APA and MLA style, but it is an extensive and beneficial resource for nearly any writing question or issues. What sets the Purdue OWL apart from its counterparts at other schools is the quality and depth of its resources and the breadth of its coverage. The Purdue OWL offers much more than just academic writing services. It also has sections, for example devoted to writing for a job search and resources for students who are writing in English as a second language. While the Purdue OWL is a great resource for help with writing, it does have a serious drawback: Because it is not interactive, it’s basically self-serve. So, if you need help understanding the material on the website or aren’t quite sure about the level and type of help you need, this resource may not be the best for you. Fortunately, there are other resources available.

#2. (

If you need more personalized writing assistance, offers interacting online tutoring sessions that can help you to achieve your writing goals. A trained tutor will work with you to improve your writing, correct mistakes, and recommend changes that will make your essay stronger. works with students at every academic level up to and including introductory undergraduate writing. The benefits of this type of service are obvious. First, you have a real live person working with you to answer questions and to help you develop your understanding of the writing process. Second, you get real-time feedback on your work as you work on it. That means that a real live tutor is reading your work and marking it up for you so you can understand what needs to change and how best to change it. The downside, however, is also obvious. A tutor can only work with material that you have already written, so this service is not as helpful if you haven’t completed a draft of your essay yet. Second, this paid service only extends to introductory undergraduate writing. If you have progressed beyond this academic level, you won’t have the assistance you need to work on more complex academic tasks. That’s where another service comes in.

#3. (

If you need more personalized and customized writing solutions, has you covered. The master writers at this website work with students to develop model academic writing samples to show students the best way to approach any academic assignment, from the simplest five-paragraph academic essay to the most complex doctoral dissertation.

Unlike other writing options, this website allows students the freedom to start receiving help at any stage of the writing process. When students order model academic writing from this website, a trained writing expert with a Master’s degree or PhD in the subject area will research and writing a complete model essay to address the specific assignment provided by the student in order to show the student exactly how to approach the topic. This model essay demonstrates best practices at every level, from comprehensive literature research to exemplary citations and formatting. Because this service offers a deeper and more extensive level of writing help than the others on the list, it also needs to offer more comprehensive guarantees about the quality of the work it provides. This site guarantees that every model paper it produces will be completely original and 100% free from plagiarism. It also offers a satisfaction guarantee so that you can be sure that you will receive exactly what you ordered and that the model paper will fully address each and every requirement.

With so many options to choose from, choosing the right level of writing help might seem like a challenge, but our guide should give you a good idea of what help will best serve you on your next writing project.

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