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If you are an artist longing to share your creative ideas, inspirations and even frustrations, Nuqat is there to listen and connect you with other artists in the Middle East. By providing a platform of communication to connect and educate creative artists in the Gulf and the Middle East, Nuqat aims at developing Arab creativity and allowing Arab artists to explore creative change and solutions in several art areas including design, advertising, architecture, fashion, and production. In its previous events, Nuqat focused on topics like Arabic branding and copywriting, visual pollution, Arabesque Art, storytelling through info graphics, and graffiti.

Today, Nuqat continues to present challenging events. With the aim of raising awareness and shedding the light on designers and providing them with a fair opportunity to display skills, Nuqat just announced, along with 29LT, a type foundry based in Lebanon, the first bilingual type design competition: Horouf. Wakim Zeidan, a founding member, explains that this event calls for type designers of all experience levels to submit their fonts in both Arabic and Latin. Work of the awarded designers will be exhibited and hopefully published and sold in the market through 29LT.

Another recent event is the LOUD ART Exhibition titled “Executing Culture Shock”, a joint event with LOUD Art.  The show received the remarkable contribution of 37 artists, and was attended by  more than 1,000 visitors on the opening night (29 May) as reported by Zeidan, who also notes that this event marks the first collaboration for Nuqat in Saudi Arabia. He also mentions that the artworks reflected the concept of culture shock in a wittingly satirical attitude that audiences found immensely entertaining.

For more information, visit Nuqat29LT and Horouf




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