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This Iraqi Artist Has a Painting Style That May Surprise You

A government employee by day and a painter by night, Iraqi artist Othman Emad had an innovative idea that led him to his own original painting technique. His unique vision helped him to eventually dominate social media and get recognized by the likes of Bored Panda and many other popular art-oriented blogs, Facebook pages, and event TV shows!

Emad employs an interesting medium for his art: ice cream. His work includes paintings of animals, popular buildings, and the map of his beloved country, Iraq. The Iraqi painter is also a master with watercolors, and sometimes he decides to paint at random, using whatever colors his eyes see to put his creativity on paper. Emad has even done numerous drawings with cheap blue, red, and black office pens, proving that art can truly be created with anything!

Emad uses his Instagram account to showcase his work, so make sure that you follow him!

What do you think of Othman’s talent? Do you have a unique talent of your own that you would like us to put the spotlight on? Let us know in the comments section below!

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