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4 Reasons Why Reading Is Good For You

Time has published an article written by Annie Murphy Paul about how reading literature, or books in general, would make a nicer and smarter person of you. The article is long but definitely worth reading as it sheds light on the importance of the way you read and approach a text. So, the listicle below has been written in the light of Annie’s article on how reading is beneficial for you.

  1. Reading makes you smarter. People who read tend to have higher averages and GPAs, especially because of their general knowledge.
  2. It enriches your vocabulary stock. As you’re reading, you will definitely find several words that you have never came across before. As a result, you will find yourself forced to look up their meanings in the dictionary, and thus they’ll be added to your vocabulary stock.
  3. It can make you nicer. Reading can actually tranquillize you because the process of reading forces you to sit down in a calm atmosphere. Doing that on daily basis will make you a quiet person, and thus a nicer one in a way that you will be stress-free and low-tempered when interacting with people.
  4. It improves your critical thinking and writing skills. As you read and read, you will be capable of noticing reading patterns speedily and thus enhancing your analysis and critical thinking skills. Moreover, reading will make you become familiar with a variety of sentence structures and writing techniques which will make you a better writer.

Click here to read Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer.

Do you know any other benefits of reading? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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