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Watch: Street Art With a Message of Hope and Peace

“Arabic script touches your soul before it reaches your eyes” is the one reason why you don’t have to be an Arabic speaker to fall in love with the work of eL Seed, the Arabic Calligraffiti artist who started learning Arabic at the age of 18.

Last March, the French-Tunisian artist had a TED Talk titled “Street Art With a Message of Hope and Peace”. He introduced the audience to his Calligraffiti piece on the minaret of Jara Mosque in Gabés, Tunisia, which brought international attention to the small town, and carried a peaceful message from the Quran. 

Today, eL Seed has had exhibitions and beautifully painted walls across every continent. The most recent is the mural on the Sharjah Bank Street building in Sharjah. The mural was preceded by a mural on the walls of Algiers and paintings on the walls of Salwa road in Doha, making the three mentioned murals the most recent of his work.

You can find the transcript of the talk here.


Have you seen any of eL Seed’s work in your country? tell us more!  


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