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Egyptian Jayda Hany Revolutionizing FootWear

You would think that if the shoe is comfortable and it fits, then it’s wearable right? However, Egyptian engineer and shoe designer, Jayda Hany, has put a whole new twist on that saying. According to Fustany, her answer to that idea is that,

“Any shoe that sustains its wearer’s weight can be classified as wearable. Comfort and uniqueness are quite subjective since they differ from one person to another.”

Jayda is changing the fashion world of shoes with her unique designs, and she is pushing the boundaries on what a fashionable shoe looks like!

Photo Credit:
Jayda Hany
Photo Credit: | Jayda Hany Connector Collection.
Jayda Hany
Photo Credit: | Jayda Hany Connector Collection.

Before pursuing her life-long dream of studying fashion, Jayda studied architectural engineering in Egypt and then continued on to graduate with a Masters Degree in Footwear Design from the London College of Fashion.

jayda hany
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Her new label is already sought after by celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessie J., Nikki Minaj, and Rita Ora!

She adopted the same structural technique of a truss structural system and scaled it down to footwear instead of a building. She made the joints the main design feature of the shoe, which are all the red pieces that are connected to the stainless steel rods in the sole unit.

Jayda Hany
Photo Credit: | Jayda Hany Connector Collection: Clog.

Jayda offers a piece of advice for young women afraid to pursue their dreams and says,

“Do not let anything or anyone put you off your plan. It is normal to fail at the first few attempts, it is how you learn not to quit.”

Visit Jayda’s website to see more of this Connector Collection and don’t forget to leave a smile 🙂 !

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