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From What Pandas Eat to Clothes We Wear

Childhood best friends Reim El Houni and Asma Al Tajir of Bambootique have indeed chosen the road less traveled when they decided on the strangest material – bamboo – for their creative clothing line that combines style and personality with sustainability.  

Apparently offering many eco-friendly benefits, they felt that the “really tall, woody kind of grass” was a winner – a “renewable source of natural fibre” that can become “ultra-soft, durable fabric,” shares Brand Manager Ella Al Tayeb. Its natural thermo-regulating properties keeps those who wear it cool for the summer and warm in winter. It even “absorbs moisture and repels odors, allergens, and UV rays,” a highly impressive resource.

Their clothes, tailored in the UAE, can be bought online. Not settling for retail services only, their offering expands to the business world through custom-designed bamboo corporate uniforms and gift options.

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Lama Saleh

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