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Why This 12-Year-Old Artist Refused To Be Called “The Arab Picasso”

Each of Mohammad’s strokes mirrors his smile: vivid and colorful, full of truth. “I dream of telling the world about Palestine and its people, its prisoners, its children. Foreigners do not understand our language but they can understand us through painting,” he says.

With thought-provoking compositions and an amazing style, the 12 year old artist is dazzling crowds and critics through exhibitions, competitions and events. MBC News called him the Arab Picasso, but he rejects the title. “Picasso is an artist with his own identity and his own style,” he explains, “and I want to be known as Mohammad‏ Quraiqe.

As we talk on the phone, some ladies who see him sitting in a cafe stop and ask to take pictures with him. He has become Gaza’s sensation, as several TV shows feature his paintings.

How does it feel to be famous? I ask. “It feels like breaking down walls. If I get to cross over, it will be a sign that the wall dividing the Palestinian lands could start to be broken”‏, he replies, smiling.

For more info – Mohammad Quraiqe’s Facebook Page.

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Valentina Primo

Journalist, globetrotter, and determined idealist. Since Valentina left her home country of Argentina, she has searched for ways to build bridges between cultures and foster dialogue. Her previous work in international organizations in Italy and Germany fed her passion for the world of development, while her 8-year journalistic experience in Argentina and Egypt increased her curiosity for everything that challenges the stereotype. She holds a BA in Journalism and a Masters in Peace Studies with a specialization in Human Rights.

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