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Car-Caring? Carpool Arabia Promotes Free Rides For Ramadan

This Ramadan, the Emirati startup Carpool Arabia encourages users not only to embark on a green commute, but also to offer an act of kindness for the community.

Their Ramadan Ridesharing campaign features a zero-expense ride sharing scheme, for people to donate a ride to a fellow passenger. “As people experience high levels of fatigue due to the heat and long hours of fasting, what better way to make Ramadan memorable, than to carpool and spend quality time with other people?” announces the company’s last newsletter.

Aside from the environmental gain, carsharing during Ramadan can prove beneficial for road safety: according to Gulfnews, Dubai’s roads become more dangerous during the 3 hours before Iftar, as people tend to drive more aggressively to reach the first meal to break the fast.

In other cities in the Middle East, collaborative platforms for car sharing offer an interesting way to beat the boredom during traffic jams. In Cairo, where 14 million cars cram the roads everyday, PieRide matches three passengers sharing a working or studying space, while the innovative KarTag mobile app links connections to Facebook so that users can either carpool with a real-life friend or has a real-life friend in common with the fellow carpooler.

For more information: Visit Carpool Arabia’s website.

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