A non-profit organization founded in Kuwait in 2001, LOYAC aims to develop the youth through a variety of effective and productive activities, internships and youth-centered initiatives. Now with chapters in Jordan and Lebanon, LOYAC is a center for development that aims to give youth the appropriate skills and work ethic to enter a constantly changing world, and to develop them into effective and motivated members of society. Through various programs, summer internships, volunteer-ships and even a new Little-LOYACers program, LOYAC gets involved with the youth aged 6 – 27 on different levels promoting active lifestyles and valuable skills.

Rabaa Al Hajri, LOYAC Kuwait’s Head of Marketing, also serves as a role model for young Kuwaiti women. After she went on a volunteering trip to Kenya organized through LOYAC, she knew she wanted to be more involved with the organization. Now, Rabaa is one of the first Kuwaiti women to have reached the summit of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Russia. Rabaa hopes to encourage other Kuwaiti women, and youth in general, to get involved in adventure sport and travel.

The summit was organized by Rahhalah, a climbing organization owned and operated by Zed Al Refai and Suzan Al Houbi. Zed is known as the first Arab to climb Mount Everest and the 46th person to climb the worlds’ 7 highest summits, and is also the author of Summit Glory. In Kuwait, Zed also works to promote mountaineering among Kuwaiti youth, and through this, hopes to encourage youth to become more active. Rabaa says that the experience of climbing the mountain changed her, and added much to the way she views life. She adds that, “My objective was also to inspire women in Kuwait to get involved in these activities. Because LOYAC’s main goal is to empower youth in the region, I hope I can be a part of that as well.” She says. “We are not only supporting youth by giving them opportunities to work in the private sector, but we also try to get them involved in sport, recreational activities and giving them the necessary skills to achieve their dreams.”

For more information: LOYAC, Rahhalah, Rabaa Al Hajri on Twitter

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