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What Can You Learn from a Circus That You Cannot Learn in Arabic Schools?

Regula Mahler Bashir felt a special thrill the day a group of mothers asked her to create a circus for children in Dahab, a little town Surrounded by Mount Sinai and bathed by the Red Sea. Ever since, the PE teacher, a passionate dancer and performer, has managed Circ Bonboni, an intercultural initiative that connects children from all backgrounds in discovering their passions. The arts are a beautiful tool that gives shape to our inner images and dreams,” she tells BarakaBits, as the summer breeze makes way through the conversation in this coastal paradise. In a growing intercultural community, the circus brings Dahab’s 15,000 residents a door to unleash their curiosities.

Her initiative gathers Bedouin, Egyptian and expat children in a platform where “they can develop their personality, find their hidden talents, be proud to express themselves and find creative ways to communicate,” something they cannot find in traditional schools, Regula explains.

Performing since 2005, the circus teaches children not only acrobatic and artistic skills, but also the ability to work continuously and together with a team to fulfill their dreams. “For me, Circ BonBoni is a little dream come true. I am not looking for meanings or morals: I just want to touch the senses, the soul and the heart,” she explains. Next November, the initiative will launch a “mini- circus” with a series of workshops for children and an audition.

For more information: Visit Circ BonBoni’s website or contact the circus’ director for their upcoming workshops at Follow the hashtag #TheSinaiSeries for more of our stories from the peninsula.

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