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Top 5 Reasons to Become an Intern

Recently, BarakaBits held our first intern recruiting workshop in Dubai. Many students from different backgrounds with different interests attended, and learned a bit about how our internship program runs. We listed the top 5 reasons to become an intern.

1) Hands-on experience. Internships can teach you things you wouldn’t learn in class through experience. Hands-on experience and learning through action are benefits that are accrued throughout an internship. With BarakaBits, we offer a variety of internship experiences in different fields, including social media, editorial process and research, marketing and web design.

2) Networking, networking, networking. Often, internships pave the way and open doors for other rewarding experiences by introducing you to a plethora of well-connected individuals. The best way to get involved in your field of interest is to take on an internship and learn as much as you can, while seeking to meet as many people as you can through networking opportunities, events and workshops. Being involved in internship programs means you have a steady pipeline of future employers and references.

3) Find your role-model. Doing an internship lends you the opportunity to meet many of inspiring leaders, managers and mentors in many different fields with diverse leadership styles. You will learn that there are myriad ways in leading successful teams, and will be able to connect to some of these leaders who may be able to guide you through your career, or even help you start one!

4) Learn how a real job in your field might go. While college lends you the information and knowledge needed for a particular job, you might discover that marketing has much more to it than you see in the movies. An internship gives you those real-world skills needed to succeed and excel in your future career.

5) Last but certainly not least: Boost your CV. Future employers look kindly upon applicants who have a broad spectrum of experience. Seeing that you have successfully committed to an internship program in your field while still earning your degree will show them that you’re not only dedicated, but you know how to manage your time well and have gained some skills and experience in the field.


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