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Startup Roundup: 10 Countries Where You Can Join Global Entrepreneurship Week

Today marks the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, an international effort celebrated that gathers 24,008 partner organizations in 125 countries under a common umbrella. Led by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar, here are 10 Middle Eastern Countries who raise their bets on the entrepreneurial economy. 

1) Algeria: With a massive 635 activities and 70 partner organizations in the country, from guided tours to awareness raising sessions, Algeria celebrates entrepreneurship for the fourth consecutive year and offer one of the most varied calendars in North Africa. To follow their activities, they have a Twitter account and hashtag #GEWalgeria.

2) Egypt: The event is helmed by the Cairo Innovates event, the country’s first International Exhibition of Innovation will start on Wednesday November 19, at the GrEEK Campus. The event aims to create an interactive Maker’s Campus, bringing a series of global movements to Egypt such as “Meet the Egyptian Crowdfunders”, and the MENA-region EU Scorecard for Innovation. Beyond Cairo Innovates, the event will be dotted by 8 other activities such as the workshop: Why most startups fail? For updates, visit the GEW Egypt Facebook page and follow @GEWEgypt Twitter account.

3) Tunisia: Organized annually since 2010, the celebration in Tunisia starts with 29 different activities across the country, among which a junior enterprise seminars, global business angels day, and several worskhops. The events, organized by 4 partner institutions, are listed on the GEW website.

4) Iraq: Hosted by the American University of Iraq, the event inaugurates this year’s new country host Chase Winter, who initiated a number of events in Iraq for GEW 2013, including the founding of an entrepreneurship club.

5) Jordan: Hosted by the Queen Rania Center for Entrepeneurship (QRCE), the event will feature 103 different activities, from mentorship programs to conferences and projects to integrate the phenomenon of refugees in the country. Activities can be followed through the Twitter account @GEWJordan or the hashag #GEWJordan.

6) Lebanon: Among an exciting array of activities, The Dream Matcher Experience stands out as one of the most creative networking event worldwide. This, among 28 other stimulating activities, will take place at one of the Middle East’s most prominent entrepreneurship weeks. Follow the hasthag #GewLeb2014 or follow their account and Facebook page for an update on the events.

7) Oman, which in the past has won the Global Entrepreneurship Congress award for the Most Activities per capita, Is featuring this year activities such as the Women on Wednesday (WoW) Pledge, and Womens Entrepreneurship Day Launch. For the event calendar, visit the website.

8) Palestine: GEW features three flagship events in Palestine, including an opening session attended by members of the government, the private sector and civil society leaders; a conference hosted by the largest university in Palestine to discuss how to improve the current state of entrepreneurship in the country, and a closing celebration of innovation that will involve a National Demo Day with top Palestinian entrepreneurs.

9) Qatar: Joining the event for the second consecutive year and hosted by Silatech, Qatar features 46 activities this year, as varied as success stories, innovation camps, and the Life Hacks from My Entrepreneurial Journey session. Their activities are published through theTwitter account @GEWQatar

10) UAE: One of the most active entrepreneurial hubs in the region, the UAE is kicking off GEW with 16 events across the country especially geared towards students, such as the “Shark Tank” idea competition and the Dubai Women’s College Elevator Pitch Competition. To follow their activities, visit their website.

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