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Art and Fashion Go Together in Bahrain With Annada

Who has never dreamt of wearing a piece of art, on their own skin? Annada combines the work of artists with fashion to create astounding silk, wool, and cashmere scarfs. A semi-finalist at the MIT Entrepreneur Forum Pan – Arab Competition in the ideas track, the Bahreini startup promises to amaze the jury. BarakaBits sat with its founder, Nada Alawi, to meet the entrepreneur sisters behind the project.

What are your expectations about participating in the competition?

We joined the MIT competition to take our business to the next level. We were very interested because of the coaching and networking opportunities. We consider ourselves already as winners, as this competition pushed us to prepare and open our minds to more possibilities and opportunities.

Is there an achievement you are particularly proud of?

Every day we get a small achievement and small wins. Of course the first biggest achievement was getting to our First High End Department Store in Saks Fifth Avenue. Our other major achievement was when we got our biggest corporate client. But every time we create a new product and we get great customer response, we consider it an incredible achievement!

And the biggest challenge?

Like the small wins everyday, there is also a new challenge that we have to tackle daily. However our main challenge, as any other entrepreneurial business, is the limited resources whether its financial or human resources. Our team is great and we are always on the lookout for other great people to join us. We are also limited by our distribution network; we are always seeking for more stores that would sell our products.

For more information: Visit Annada‘s website and keep up with the competition on Twitter through @MITEFarab.

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