What a Surprising Poll Reveals About Workplace Interests in the Middle East

The ‘Learning in the Workplace in the Middle East and North Africa’ survey, recently conducted by has revealed that 98.2% of respondents in the Middle East and North Africa  find it important to work for an organization that provides learning and training, with 79.7% of the respondents considering it “very important”, and 18.5% finding it “somewhat important”. Almost all of the respondents surveyed (97.2%) are dedicated to lifelong learning, with seven out of 10 being “very dedicated” and 22.9% being “somewhat dedicated”.

In terms of organizations and learning, the majority (74.3%) of respondents say that their organizations provide ‘lessons learned’ to their employees, and a further 74.6% feel that people in their organization view problems as an opportunity to learn. In fact, 72.8% of respondents have stated that their organization encourages people to openly discuss their mistakes in order to learn from them. Additionally, 30.6% of respondents are rewarded for learning “all the time” in their organization, and 33.7% are rewarded “most of the time”.

The poll also reveals that organizations in the MENA “encourage both new ideas and changing the way things are done”, with half of the participants “strongly agreeing” (51.7%) and 29.4% “somewhat agreeing” with the statement. Furthermore, seven out of 10 respondents (68.3%) claim that their companies have a systematic approach to learning and training their staff.

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