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Bon Discovery Studios: Developing High School Students in the UAE

This August, Bon Discovery Studios is offering an exciting array of courses geared for high school students who want to improve their career prospects, get creatively inspired, and learn technical skills. From August 9 to 20, thirty 9th – 12th graders will get the exhilarating chance to take part in something that is not commonplace in Dubai. We asked Noha Mehdi Haydar, one of the organizers behind the workshops, a few questions about the importance of such an event.

Why is this initiative important for the region?

While Dubai is a city where you can almost find anything you’re looking for, there still aren’t enough career and leadership enrichment programs that cater specifically to the needs of high school students. Programs like this are essential as they complement regular schooling experiences and allow students to not only build and develop their skills in a particular field or topic, such as creative design and arts in this case, they also help students gain a better understanding of what they might want to do in the future, what real career opportunities might be for them, and how the real world works. Every high school student needs that kind of clarity for their future. Programs like this provide the missing link between what the kids learn in schools and how it comes to life in the real world. Through working on The Client Challenge and interacting with real clients in our program, participants get the chance to practice their learnings, gain real world experience and build their confidence and character. They also develop their leadership skills through working in teams, working with a life/professional coach and exploring their sense of self. If every student had the chance to dig deeper into their interests and better understand themselves, their strengths and how they can contribute meaningfully using their skills and talents, imagine how much more exciting, vibrant and inspiring our communities would be?

Why I’m excited to be a part of this effort?
I’m excited to be part of this initiative because I believe students in the Middle East deserve the very best. There are programs like this all around the world that encourage kids to explore their talents and interests, develop their skills and build their character, but programs like this are hard to find in the region. It’s super exciting to be bringing this kind of experience to teenagers in the Middle East and to work with their specific needs and contexts to make the programs relevant to them. It’s also very exciting to know that what we are offering is an experience that will transform them and change their lives for the better. I’m also excited because we get to work with so many awesome, talented and inspiring professionals in the region. I can’t wait to meet the 30 students who will be joining us and to see their lives be transformed by the experience.

For more information: Visit the Bon Education official website and Facebook page. If you’re in Dubai and in high school, don’t miss this opportunity.

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