PACES Charity: Empowerment and Growth Through Sports

It is well known that physical activity is one of the best ways to get children active, to encourage growth, tenets of teamwork and allow them to build lasting friendships. PACES Charity, an organization that works with Palestinian children, understands that and focuses their work on getting Palestinian kids and teens involved in sports groups that empower them and allow them a space to grow, learn and play.

The Palestine National Under-17 football team, whom represent Palestine in association football at the under-17 age level and are controlled by the Palestinian Football Association, recently participated in the Arab U17 Championship games held this past February in Qatar. Among the team members were six PACES girls, who played alongside the team helping them to bring in the bronze metal. One of the girls, Moufida Hamdan, was named the tournament’s best goal keeper, while another, Rozeen Odeh, was the top scoring player, with 8 goals total. Not only did six PACES girls play on the team, but the team couch also has worked with the organization, attending many of the workshops and capacity-building seminars.

At BarakaBits, we are always excited to see organizations and individuals rise to new heights, challenge themselves, and represent Arabs in a positive manner the world over.

For more information: Visit PACES official website and learn more about some of the activities they do, and follow their activity on Facebook.

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