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Debbo 52: An Art Project Inspired by Collaborative Economies

After three months of laborious work, and with the aide of TAABIR Foundation’s volunteers, a 150 m² warehouse was prepared to change the industrial vocation of a space into a cultural one. DEBBO52 is a shared space gathering people from all walks of life that also acts as an art project incubator.

Based in Tunisia, the project functions as an alternative space to support the work and talents of young artists. Even more interestingly, the business model of Debbo52 is based on bartering. Money is not exchanged, and the artists are not paid. Services are freely exchanged and artists can use the space for free. People can also attend performances for free, with the idea being to establish an economic cycle without the use of money. Debbo52 seeks to offer a private yet inspirational space for young artists in order to establish their own projects.

Now Debbo52 has been nominated for an award by OuiShare, a festival which celebrates projects that utilize notions of collaborative economy. As a global community and think-and-do-tank, OuiShare highlights collaborative societal projects that connect people, organizations and ideas around notions of fairness and trust.

“We believe that economic, political and social systems based on these values can solve many of the complex challenges the world faces, and enable everyone to access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive”

During the OuiShare Festival, which runs from May 20 until May 22, nominees for this award will pitch their projects around the theme of collaborative economy and votes will be placed to determine final winners. Winners will attend a collective networking conference in France, which will function as another event to connect these entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers.

For more information: Visit Debbo 52’s Facebook page for more information about what they do, and learn more about the OuiShare Festival on their official website.

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