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Students Bridging the Cultural Gap in the Middle East

Understanding cultural differences is imperative in bridging the gap and understanding how other people and societies work. The Ibrahim and Queens College Student Leadership Program focuses on developing the minds and understandings of young students through an interactive travel experience to the Middle East. The aim is to empower and educate young leaders of the future with a more reflective understanding of the unique strengths and challenges in a region that is constantly undergoing radical political, social and economic changes.

In the program the students get to interact and learn about a broad spectrum of Middle Eastern perspectives and cultures, and are exposed to various fields of religious understanding, social entrepreneurism and conflict resolution transformations that may open their mind to becoming proactive, empathetic problem solvers. The trip, which goes to Israel, Oman, UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), Jordan and the West Bank, runs in the summer, and introduces the students to a range of national leaders, social and economic entrepreneurs and grass roots activists.

For more information: Visit the Ibrahim and Queens College Student Leadership Program official website.

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