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Apply for this Scholarship Opportunity in Public Health at the AUB

We’re excited to announce scholarship opportunities for youth in low and middle income countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region—specifically Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq,  Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen.

The announcement is from the American University of Beirut. The AUB has received an award from the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva under the Tropical Diseases Research (TDR) Special Programme for 11 graduate scholarships in public health focusing on implementation research of diseases of poverty, particularly infectious diseases.

The scholarships are for students in the Master of Public Health (MPH) or the MS Epidemiology Programs. The Faculty of Health Sciences was one of seven institutions selected by WHO/TDR, out of 50 institutions that applied, that was invited to join this capacity building program.   The scholarships cover travel, tuition and living expenses for the duration of the program.  English language training at AUB prior to enrolment is also covered for some students who need it.

The deadline to apply is July 15 and those who are successful are expected to start at AUB in late August, 2015.

Click here to apply!

To learn about more scholarships for Arab students, visit the Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation’s official website.

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