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5 Middle Eastern Remixes of International Music

These classic songs have been given an oriental touch with remixes by various musicians and artists. We listed 5 we think are just amazing!

1) Fly Me to the Moon
This instrumental version of Kaye Ballard’s classic (most famous by Frank Sinatra) was part of Jean Marie Riache’s album Belaaks (2009).

2) Coldplay – Magic
Remixed by the 22-year-old Mohammed Ziena, known as Moseqar , Magic is not his only piece that adds an oriental twist to international music. You can find more of his work on his SoundCloud.

3) Apologize – Harqet Kart
The Jordanian band added an Arab touch to One Republic’s Apologize by fusing it with Fairouz’s Kifak Inta.

4) John Legend – All Of Me
Jean Marie Riache does it again with the contemporary R&B, All of Me. John Legend sang this oriental version in his concert in Dubai during Dubai Jazzfest last February.

5) Daft Punk – Get Lucky
DJ Pretentious, a Cairo-based producer of pretentious electronic music, produced an oriental version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. Find more of his work on SoundCloud.

Do you know of any other oriental remixes you think we should check out? Tell us in your comments!

Image above is by Ragheb Abuhamdan.

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