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Vibrant Traditions: Re-envisioned Classic Egyptian Film Art

Material culture has the ability to transport us back in time, allowing us to garner an insight look into how life was years before our time. Classic Egyptian film posters, which were for the most part meticulously hand-painted with portraits of film stars and Arabic calligraphy, allow us to the see the evolution of Arab cinema throughout the years.

A new exhibition at Darb 1718, a cultural center and art space in Cairo, is exhibiting a series of vibrant, illustrated classic film posters until July 31. The exhibition features hand-painted reproductions of various vintage film posters from the 1960s, alongside more contemporary re-imaginations of classic Egyptian films using mixed media like collage, digital art, photography and acrylic. The artists featured in the exhibition are Amr Okasha, Ehab Khalil, Fady Galal, Hatem Soliman, Haytham Sherif, Heba Abo Hmela, Mohammed Khalil, Mohamed Mosaad, Mariam Abdelrahman, Muhammed Saeed and Noura Slim.

If you’re in Cairo, don’t miss this exhibition!

For more information: Visit the Darb 1718 official website, and like them on Facebook for up-to-date news on their exhibitions and various events.

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