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NA3M Games: New Arab Media is Changing the Name of the Game

Fahad Al Saud, the grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King, was not satisfied with mainstream media representations of Arabs. So he founded NA3M Games, a gaming and multi-media incubator based in Amman and Copenhagen. NA3M, which stands for new Arab media, seeks to create and invoke change through innovation and creativity, creating Arabic entertainment online that is relatable.

Recently, the young Prince spoke to CNN about his goal to change the global perspective about Arabs through creative media platforms. A new game NA3M is working on features Saudi Arabian women speeding around, clad in their abayas, on motorcycles. Passing through desert landscapes, clouds, rocks, soldiers and even zombies, the women navigate their way through the game, taking control and having the freedom to move as they please. Entitled “Saudi Girls Revolution” (SGR) the game will soon be available for all smartphones, taking us to a dystopian version of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where women fight the bad guys.

In a recent interview with Die Welt, Al-Saud stated that: “I want to inspire the youth in the Arab world to be more creative. We want the Arab world to become an internationally recognized player in the entertainment industry”. With the hashtag #NA3MWeCan, the company and their innovative gaming concepts hope to challenge modern misconceptions about the Arab World, allowing people to see a different narrative and perspective. This game itself also serves to empower women, and as Al-Saud noted: “NA3M wants to demonstrate that women cannot only challenge gaming and social conventions from within the content itself, but also by being behind the making of the actual game itself”.

For more information: Visit NA3M Games official website and learn more about their background and some of their games, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @NA3MGames.

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