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7 Entrepreneurial Events Addressing The Syrian Youth This Summer

This summer, 7 entrepreneurial events that address the Syrian Youth will take place.

  1. Startup Weekend Damascus

It’s an educational activity about founding emerging and start-up companies that targets novice entrepreneurs. Participants will present their ideas to the audience during one minute only, and then voting will take place. After that, only few ideas will be chosen so that the participants will work on them in the next 54 hours before presenting it to the jury at the end of the event.

  1. Jusoor Entrepreneurship Program

Jusoor will offer 3 weeks of tense training for emerging companies to provide them with the suitable tools and necessary guidance to develop their companies and attract more investors. The training will end with an open day where all the ideas will be presented to groups of investors and Arab events accelerators.

  1. Jusoor Hangouts Sessions

In this event, live Hangouts sessions will be held between groups of significant Syrian entrepreneurs to discuss topics about building and founding start-up companies and developing entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Startup Pirates Damascus

On the contrary of Startup Weekend’s mission, Startup Pirates addresses companies that are still at the idea stage, in which a series of workshops will take place for a week that will help the participants creating their ideas and developing them.

  1. Syrian Youth Empowerment Program – SYEP

This program targets the youth whose age is less than 18 years old through series of workshops and special activities to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

  1. The Win-Win Day Program

This program seeks embracing a number of emerging companies that are still starting up, providing them with financial and technical support through specialized workshops, where ideas can be presented online, to develop and improve their companies’ standards. Y2AD and Swell Group will do those workshops.

  1. The You Can

This skills developing program introduced by “Bedayati”, in collaboration with several companies in Beirut, works on advancing entrepreneurial skills throughout business, goal achievement, and technical workshops and training sessions.

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