Palestine’s Future Doctor

Despite the hardships that Palestinians face in their daily life and despite their harsh circumstances under occupation, there is a girl who was pulled from under the rubble and resisted the occupation and showed her thrive for life in the greatest means possible; through success and education. Hanan AbdelGhafour, a 17-year-old girl living in Khan Younis, Gaza, has succeeded high school with an average of 98%.

“To be said that I’ve been pulled from under the rubble and achieved a great result means a lot to me because this way I’ve presented my dear country, Palestine, and showed the whole world that Gaza is unbreakable and could not be defeated”, says Hanan. “Last year, the occupation surprised us and rained their F16s over our house to congratulate my older sister Hanin, who succeeded high school with an average of 99%, but this year, I surprised them with my significant achievement and sent them a message that nothing will ever stop us from pursuing our dreams and that education is our way to resist,” she adds.

Realizing how sacred and important education is, Hanan is ready to offer advice and educate whoever needs help to reach success because she herself has asked former students for some help. She believes that spreading knowledge will ensure producing a mature and strong generation that’ll be able to free Palestine. Being open-minded, but with limits, enables Hanan and every other student to exchange knowledge and literacy in between them as that will definitely make them move forward.

“My mom has always told me that every sailor can cross the sea, but it only takes a professional and skilful sailor to cross a stormy sea.” says Hanan. Her favourite subject is Chemistry and she’s going to major in Medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza. The 2014 war has inspired her to major in medicine because during the war and while being injured, she noticed that Palestine lacks doctors. Only then did Hanan decide to be Palestine’s future doctor.

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Indeed, only from pain does hope evolve.

Learn, love, succeed, and never lose hope beautiful people : )

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