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Here are 5 of the Most Outstanding Mosque Ceilings in MENA & Islamic World

Intricately designed, mosques are considered to be among the most exquisite and refined architecture in the world. Throughout the Islamic world, including the MENA, you can find mosques with the most outstanding ceilings created by human kind. These stunning ceilings show how heavy mathematics and geometry can be turned into incredible art with no parallel. Here we share with you five of the most beautiful mosque ceilings from different parts of the MENA and Islamic World. Prepare to be mesmerized!

Nasir Al- Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

This traditional mosque is located in Iran, a country known for having a collection of the most beautiful mosques in the Islamic world. Nasir Al- Molk mosque is also known as’ the pink mosque’ for the extensive usage of pink tiles in its design. The mosque was built during the Qajar era, from 1785 to 1925,  and is still used today.


Mosque Ceilings

Mosque Ceilings

Jalil Al- Khyat Mosque, Erbil, Iraq

This mosque took 10 years to be finally completed in 2007. Jalil Al- Kyat, a well-known man in Erbil, took it upon himself to build a fine mosque with a Turkish Ottoman style, but died before the mosque was completed. Therefore, his sons had to take over to complete their father’s charity project. The mosque can hold up to 2000 people and is one of the most important mosques in the Middle East.


Mosque Ceilings

Mosque Ceilings

Al- Sultan Qala’un Mosque, Cairo, Egypt

This is a Mamluk mosque built in the fourteenth century by Al- Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qala’un. The mosque was the royal mosque of the citadel where the sultans performed their prayers.



Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan

This mosque was built during the Mughal period under the control of the emperor Shah Jehan and took seven years to be completed. The mosque is known for its beautiful faience tile. It was built to enclose the tomb of the Sufi saint, Miran Badshah, which currently lies in the courtyard of the mosque.




Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu- Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  

This mosque was established in 2007 by the late UAE president, Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahyan, and it took 11 years to be completed. The building of the mosque is a piece of art that reflects the cultural diversity of the Islamic world. It can hold more than 41,000 people. It also includes a library with books on different Islamic subjects.


Mosque Ceilings

Mosque Ceilings

Mosque Ceilings

The architects of Islamic mosques made sure to save the best for its ceilings, beauty the Muslims can all enjoy as they look up during prayer.

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