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RiseUp Explore Kicks Off in Berlin with 8 Egyptian Startups

With the struggling economy of the MENA region, many entrepreneurs in the area wrestle their way to bring their ideas to life. Fortunately, MENA’s entrepreneurs now have the help of platforms like RiseUp to introduce and develop their ideas globally. It’s the place ‘where startups take off’. One of the special programs RiseUp supports is RiseUp Explore, which is designed  to take the region’s best startups to world class events. 

RiseUp is an Egyptian startup that realizes how challenging it is for someone to start their own business in the MENA region, and so it opens its arms for the rescue. RiseUp explained to BarakaBits how they have noticed a disconnection in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and so they decided to chase one persistent goal: “connecting entrepreneurs with the most relevant resources, worldwide.” So far, RiseUp has launched four programs to support MENA entrepreneurs and to achieve its goal, its most recent one is RiseUp Explore.

RiseUp Explore came in as a gateway to expose the MENA region’s startups to world class events. On 12th July, 2016, RiseUp Explore flew eight Egyptian startups to Berlin for the very first time to participate in the fifth Tech Open Air festival, Europe’s leading technology festival.

The program introduces the world to the brilliant ideas that come out of the MENA region and gives the startups a chance to access global networks that help them grow. Instead of offering the traditional financial support, RiseUp creates a place where investors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and relevant ecosystem stakeholders come together forming an integrated environment for business growth.  

RiseUp Explore
Photo Credit: RiseUp Explore

With the help of RiseUp Explore, eight Egyptian startups shared their own experiences and benefited from their participation in Tech Open Air festival (TOA). These startups got the chance to exhibit in a booth at TOA, pitch in events, get featured in global news outlets and get connected with relevant stakeholders. Describing their experience in TOA, one of RiseUp’s representatives told BarakaBits:

“Not only did we learn from the ecosystem in Berlin, but we also got to show the world some of Cairo’s highly competitive startups with a huge potential to grow.”

Entrepreneurs from the MENA region can register in RiseUp programs quite simply by filling a short registration form. Those interested in attending, speaking or exhibiting in RiseUp’s events can contact them through their email,, or their Facebook page. The program’s easy registration process has encouraged many of the MENA’s entrepreneurs to participate in Riseup’s programs without hesitation.

This Egyptian startup knows what it takes to carry a business to the next level and has successfully created an environment for other startups to thrive.

To follow RiseUp’s Journey, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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