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A Race Through the Silicon Valley for the Recognition of Palestinian Villages

Marathons and races are often shaped to support a cause, and today’s race is no different. Today, Thursday October 13th, nine runners from the Right to Movement community, a movement which organizes annual marathons along the Separation Wall in Bethlehem, will set out for a race through Silicon Valley from Google’s headquarters to Apple’s headquarters. So, what’s the rush, you ask? Silicon Valley isn’t going anywhere.The Palestinian villages, however are, so to speak.

Google and Apple maps miss hundreds of the Palestinian villages that are located in area C. And to change this, the runners will be handing out letters to the vice presidents of the mapping departments of Google and Apple, requesting that the two companies include such Palestinian villages on their maps. They also intend on having the United States Congress play a role in the push for a decision that will meet the marathon’s cause.

Rebuilding Alliance, the nonprofit that is cheering the runners, aims to

get 10 constituents in each Congressional district to send a letter or make a call to their members of Congress,”

George Zeidan, co-founder of the Right to Movement, simply explains why it’s important to get their message across today by saying:

“Literally putting us on the map would show the world that we exist and that there’s hope for the future.”

For more details on the cause, visit their Facebook page, and if you happen to be in town, go out and support the runners at their benefit dinner!

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