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Zoomaal is Launching “GivingLoop” for the Sustainability of Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

Fundraising has always been a big challenge for nonprofits and social enterprises. In the Arab world, the fundraising challenge is even greater, as enterprises in the region have few sources of financing with most being dependent on personal resources, family and friends. Realizing this existing need and after four years in the fundraising industry, Zoomaal is launching in a few days GivingLoopa global fundraising platform tailor-made for nonprofits and social enterprises to achieve greater impact in the Arab world and beyond.

Since 2013, Zoomaal, has helped innovative and social projects in the Arab world raise $1.9 million on its platform; creating 500+ jobs, 78% of which are filled by women.  Founded by Abdallah Absi, Zoomaal decided that it is time to use its ample experience in the fundraising industry to establish the GivingLoop global fundraising platform. The platform will help nonprofits and social initiatives struggling with sustainability in the Arab world to raise monthly donations from the community. As the name suggests, the GivingLoop will help fill this “funding gap” through the giving of multiple individuals. This internet-enabled collaborative loop will provide nonprofits and social enterprises in the Arab world with a new alternative mean of fulfilling their financial needs.

With the GivingLoop, nonprofits and social enterprises in the Arab world can either jump start or sustain their operations. The platform promotes transparency, provides a hassle free A-Z process for raising funds online, and saves such organizations tons of time spent on fundraising every year.

For its launch, the GivingLoop is going to be shortlisting  40 nonprofits and social enterprises. So if you are founder of a nonprofit or social enterprise who is interested in sustaining your organization’s operations, go ahead and apply here before October 23rd, 2016 to join.

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