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How This Palestinian Startup Can Help Egypt’s Illiterate Overcome The Digital Gap

Just as Egyptian startup Iqraaly has proven how successful audio content can be in Egypt, where a quarter of the population is illiterate, Palestinian startup Souktel is seeking to overcome the digital gap through low-data applications for people who cannot read and write, or don’t have a smartphone.

“We’re focusing on audio-based services that will get people the information that they need. Egypt is one of those places where I see huge potential there for audio and voice-activated services,” Souktel’s CEO Jacob Korenblum told Wamda

The social business, which has recently partnered with Bayt to create an SMS job seeker device, has also created mobile services to link Gazan families with aid, delivering mobile services that promote faster and effective communication with communities in need. Among its recent projects, they have also created partnerships to develop strategies for disaster preparedness, following the first-ever Middle East Summit on Mobile Technology and Crisis Response.

Taking on the next challenge, Korenblum contemplates low-data apps that could be used on regular mobiles, allowing people who have little access to the internet find and use social and employment services that are becoming more and more available online.

For more information: Visit Souktel’s website and read the interview with Wamda here.

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